About this blog and me

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Hi everyone! My name is Vicky Gil and I grew up bilingual/ bicultural, speaking Spanish to my parents in my home in Somerset, New Jersey. The Spanish-English blend is an integral part of my life. I have been living in Spain now for over half my life but not a day goes by without missing my family, friends and birthplace in the US. I guess because of that and because of the love of languages that my father instilled in me, my mission is to help teachers here in Spain to get their students to really learn English. I consider myself someone who strives to give Education and the effective teaching of and in English a real place in Spain. I have taught English in Zaragoza, Spain at all grade levels from preschool to Post-graduate studies for the last 26 years of my life. I have also co-authored several ELT textbooks (SuperMe and Teddy’s Train series for Oxford University Press)  and am currently working with my wonderful friend and colleague Enrique Lafuente on writing resources for teaching Art in English in Spanish Primary schools (Communicative Arts and Crafts for Didácticos Sapiens). I am also a freelance teacher trainer and part time professor at Universidad de Zaragoza as part of the English Philology Department.

By starting this blog I would like to share my thoughts on effective bilingual teaching and learning and practical ideas on how to make English the tool for thinking, expressing, creating and communicating in Primary classrooms.

I hope you find something useful here if only to get you thinking and creating. Please leave your comments and thoughts so that we can share our ideas and try to make the Spanish quest for learning English just a little bit easier and enjoyable!


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